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Batris and Islamic Unity

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  • 2023-01-27

Batris and Islamic Unity 

Narrated Al Kishshi from S`ad bin Sabah al-Kishhshi, he said:Narrated to us `Ali bin Muhammad, he said: Narrated to us Ahmed bin Muhammad bin `Isa from Muhammad bin Isma`il bin Bazee`a from Muhammad bin Fudhail from Abi `Omar and S`aad al Hallab on the authority of Abi `Abdillah (a.s.), he said:

“(Even) If the batris fall in a single line from what is between the east and the west Allah (swt) shall not cherish the religion with them. ”

Ikhtiyar Ma'arifat al-Rijaal, pg 202

Ayatullah al-Muhaqqiq al-Ustaaz Sheikh Muhammad al-Sanad:

“The side of focus of this narration and his (a.s.) assertion about Allah (swt) denying the religion being cherished by batris from the aspect of it’s emphasis on forming a single line, and (also) it emphasizing on that single line (being formed) at whatever is between the east and the west, the third time. That’s an indication about these three pivots to the slogan of batris and their contention and claim of reconciliation among the (all the various) islamic sects with the help of a newly invented and peacemaking methodology that draws the islamic sects nearer and bridges the gap(s) between them, and thus becoming unified in (the name of) islamic unity strengthening the islamic nation before it’s enemies.

This is what he (a.s.) has indicated by his saying: “(Even) If the batris fall in a single line” ie. if the batris may be able to unite all the islamic sects that are between the east and the west on a single path that shall serve the purpose of strengthening the islamic nation and subsequently it’s veneration and dominance before it’s enemies such as alleged by the batris, then (the fact is) there’s no course of action for the glory, might and coalition of the islamic nation as they claim by (following such) roughly forged, conciliating and contradictory discourse among the the islamic sects. Therefore, the contradictory discourse is not going to convene in the oneness of pathway nor in the footsteps of methodologies or in the course of action in fact it will involve the essence of division and separation for the assemblage of inconsistencies.

Then again this is what declared by their (a.s.) narrations that their (a.s.) Imamate is a guard against division and their obedience a system for the islamic creed by which the islamic nation gets well-organised factually and realistically so do observe the sermon of ‘Al Gharra” of Ameerul Mu’mineen (a.s.) also known as ‘Al Qase`ah’ and then observe the beginning of the sermon of Hadrat Zahra (asws).

This report of (al Kashhi) has been transmitted by a number of hadith sources for it focusing on the most crucial slogans raised by batris along with it’s allegedly reformative methodology and about the illustration of it’s face of corruption and lie(s) . ”

Al Ghuluw wa Al Firaq ul Batiniyya Pg# 389- 390.



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