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Can someone be a manifestation of Sayyidah Zehra (sa) ?

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  • 2024-03-14

One might have heard endless people claiming to be Imam Mahdi (atfs). But, have you heard of someone claiming to be Sayyidah Fatemah (sa) ? Let's check this out in this article.

Zarrin Taj al-Burghaniyya al-Qazwiniyya, nicknamed Al-Tahirah, Qurrat al-Ain, daughter of Sheikh Mulla Saleh al-Burghani al-Qazwini (one of the Mujtahids). It is said that she started as Shia and was reportedly a disciple of Sayyid Kazim al-Rashti. She was known to have memorized the Quran in her childhood. However, she later became a follower of the apostate Sayyid Ali Muhammad al-Shirazi, known as 'Al-Bab', may Allah curse him, who deviated from Shia Islam and founded the Babi movement.

It is mentioned in the book 'Farhang Farq' pg 88: 

'Among the followers of the Bab was Tahirah Qurrat al-Ain. She claimed to be Fatimah al-Zahra, peace be upon her (God forbid!)'

Haj Mirza Jani Kashani mentioned in 'Kitáb-i Nuqṭatul̓-káf' pg 241: Tahirah said: 

'I am the manifestation of Fatimah al-Zahra; my eyes are the same blessed eyes as hers. Whatever I look at will be purified'

Za'eem al-Dawlah in 'Bab al-Abwab' pg 110 reported: 

'Tahirah's acceptance of the cursed Bab was not due to any genuine knowledge, wisdom, or decorum in the Bab's existence. The Bab was nothing more than a madman, with only erroneous and false speech. That is why scholars and virtuous individuals not only did not welcome him but also detested him. However, Qurrat al-Ain was intoxicated with lust and had a great desire for men. And therefore, she wasn't satisfied with her husband. On the other hand, she came from a family known for asceticism, contentment, and chastity. Living in such a household, immorality was inconceivable for her. So, she married the accursed Bab, removed her veil, and asserted that it is permissible for a woman to marry nine men. In elaborating on this, she claimed that it was a virtuous companionship, fostering, increased love and affection'

And the matter of this wicked woman escalated to the point where she celebrated the day of Ashura in Karbala. Mohammad al-Husayni mentioned in 'Hazrat Tahereh' pg 178: 

'Every year, a mourning session for Imam Hussain was held in the house of Sayyid Kazim al-Rashti during the month of Muharram. However, after the death of Sayyid Kazim in Muharram, Tahirah suspended the mourning ceremonies for Imam Hussain because they coincided with the night of the birth of Ali Muhammad al-Bab. Instead, she celebrated and adorned herself in colorful attire on the day of Ashura in Karbala'

Intrestingly, Bakri historians has praised this deviant, blasphemous, sinful, and wicked Nasibi. As mentioned by Muhammad al-Tunji, the Bakri scholar, in the book 'Mo'jam A'lām al-Nisā' on page 143 that: 

'She (Tahirah) was a virtuous scholar, a knowledgeable woman, a poet, and an eloquent orator. She was a prodigy of her time and a persuasive speaker'

At last, one could visibly see the explicit hatred of the Nawasib towards the Rawafidh, and our Noble mother Sayyidah Fatemah (sa), that they deem anyone who claims to be a manifestation of Her (sa) to be virtuous and Knowledgeable.

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