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Sayyidah Fatimah, Ahlulbayth, hadith

Sayyidah Fatimah (sa) on the day of Judgement

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  • 2021-04-26
From Abaan bin `Uthmaan from Abee `Abd Allah Ja`far bin Muhammad (as) said :

`On the Day of Judgment, Allah will bring together the awwaleen (the first people) and the akhireen (the last people) on one plane and then He will command for a caller to call out: `Cast down your glances and lower your heads, so that Fatimah , daughter of Muhammad (saws) (can cross) the Bridge. He (as) said: `The creations will cast down their glances and then Fatimah (sa) will arrive seated on one of the highbred animals of Jannah, followed by 70,000 angels. Then she will make a distinguished stop at one of the stations of Judgment. Then she will dismount from the animal and take the shirt of Al-Hussayn bin Ali (as) in her hands, saying: `O Lord! This shirt belongs to my son, and You know what was done to him. There will be call from Allah saying: "O Fatimah (sa) you have My pleasure. And she will say: "O Lord! Help me avenge those who killed him (as) And Allah will then command a flame from hellfire to come out and capture the killers of Husayn bin Ali (as) like a bird captures (eats) a grain. Then the flame will return them back into the fire, and torturing them in it with various punishments. Then Fatimah (sa) will ride the animal until she enters Jannah, and with her are angels that follow her, and her descendants before her and her friends from the people on her right and on her left"

Aamali of Shaykh Mufid, Majlis 15, pg 130, h 6

Abaan bin `Uthmaan is thiqah (trustworthy) according to :

1. Al-Kashi, Rijaal, pg 327, saying 705
2. Ibn Dawood, Rijaal, pg 11, person 6
3. Al-Hilli, Al-Khulasah, pg 21, person 3

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