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Why did Ameer al Momineen (as) did not rebel against the two tyrants ? (Answered from Ahle Tasannun perspective)

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  • 2018-04-27

Why did Ameer al Momineen (as) did not rebel against the two tyrants ? (Answered from Ahle Tasannun perspective)

This accusation is posed by the Nasibis mainly for two objectives :

1. To falsify the Shia claim on the question of usurpation of Imamah

2. To question the martydom of Sayyidah Zahra (sa)

Before answering, let us know the absurd Aqeedah of Ahl e Tasannun scholars :

Their belief :

"Anyone who opposes the Caliph, rebels against the Caliph, he must be killed and he died the death of a pagan / disbeliever. One has to obey the Caliph even if he is Wicked or a treacherous person"

Now we will proof this claim from the books of Ahlus Sunnah

1. "Sharh al Makased" of Taftazani, published in 1998, Beirut, v 5, pg 233 :

"Imamah is established by 3 ways"

i : Bayah (allegiance, even of a single person, there is no stipulation that how many people should do Bayah)

ii : Succession (if the previous Caliph appoints his successor)

iii : Domination (through forceful means)

2. "Sharh Usool al Sunnah" by Shaykh Abdullah ibn Abdur Rahman Jibrin, published in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, year 1998, pg 95 :

Ahmed ibn Hanbal says in principle no. 31 :

"Our tenent of faith is obedience and bowing to the authority of the Ruler (Caliph), it does not matter wether he (the ruler) is a good person or a Faajir (evil doer). A person becomes a Caliph either by Ijmah (consensus) of people and that individual who dominates the Muslims through sword"

The author explains the above mentioned statement on pg 96 :

"Our Rulers are those who have dominance over us and they rule the Islamic Ummah. It could be either through succession or through brute force and he dominates Muslims by killing everyone who opposes him. In both cases , it doesn't matter, if he becomes the ruler (Caliph), than obedience to him is OBLIGATORY, listening to him becomes OBLIGATORY, and to REBEL AGAINST HIM BECOMES PROHIBITED

3. "al Ibaana" of Abul Hasan al Ashari, published in Hyderabad, India, pg 12, the author says :

"It is our belief to pray for the Rulers of Muslims, for their prosperity, and to confess their Rulership and it is our faith to view any person who believes that it is permissible to REBEL AGAINST THE RULER (CALIPH), we view him a MISGUIDED"

4. "Risaalat un ila Ahlis Saghri" by Abul Hasan al Ashari, published in Medina, year 2002, consensus no. 45, the author states :

"It is our Ijmah (consensus) that we have to listen and obey our Ruler (Caliph) and it doesnt matter that such a person rules us, or this person rules us through brute force, overpowers Muslims (through dominance) and then becomes the ruler (Caliph). One must follow him, it doesnt matter if he is a virtuous person or a Faajir (wicked person), YOU MAY NOT REBE AGAINST HIM THROUGH SWORD"

Then the publisher mentions this quote of Ahmed ibn Hanbal :

"Even if the ruler (Caliph) is a tyrant, you may not discontinue your obedience to him, and never ever think of REBELLING AGAINST HIM THROUGH SWORD"

5. "Fath al Bari fi Sharh Sahih Bukhari" by ibn Hajar Asqalani, published in Darul Fikr, Beirut, year 2007, pg 391 :

"There is an Ijmah (consensus) of the scholars to obey the ruler (Caliph) who has overpowered you"

6. "Umdatul Qaari fi Sharh Sahih Bukhari" by Mahmood al Aini, v 16, pg 329, h 7053

Bukari says :

"Whoever sees something abominable in his ruler (Caliph), he should bear patience, any person who steps away from the ruler (Caliph) and dies, he dies the death of a Pagan / Disbeliever"

7. "Sahih Muslim" (eng), v 5, pg 180, section : The book of Leadership, chp 13, h 4785 :

Hudhayfa bin Yaman narrates from Rasoolallah (saws) :

"After I am gone, there will be leaders who will not follow my way and will not follow my example. Among them there will be men whose hearts are the hearts of devils in the bodies of men. Hear and obey the ruler (Caliph), EVEN IF YOUR BACK IS FLOGGED AND YOUR WEALTH IS TAKEN"

8. Sahih-Muslim, v 3, Hadith 1848

The Prophet ﷺ said:

'He who disobeys the ruler and separates himself from the society [and passes away], is died like anyone who has died in ignorance era'

Conclusion :

By analysing the above Ahl e Tasannun refrences, we can clearly conclude the answer to the question that :

Why did Ameer al Momineen (as) did not rebel against the two tyrants ? (Answered from Ahle Tasannun perspective) 

Is because :

"If He (as) would have Rebelled against Abu Bakr (who was assumed as the Caliph of the Muslims), then today, He (as) would be declared as a Pagan / Disbeliever (Nauzobillah) by the Ahl e Tasannun scholars (as per their criterion)"

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