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A brief discussion on Batrism

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  • 2021-08-24


A brief discussion on Batrism


Definition of Batrism

Shaykh Tusi in his book 'Ikhtiyar Ma'arifat al-Rijaal' , pg 202 defines Batris as :

'Those who mix the love of Imam Ali ع with the love of Abu Bakr ل and Umar ل are known as Batris'



Introducing Batriyyah

'Batriyyah sect was started by 'al-Mughayra bin Saeed, who used to love the Holy Imam's ع but when asked by the Imam's ع to curse their enemies, he refrained from doing so. Mughayra bin Saeed was one of the companions of Imam Sadiq ع , but he later became deviant and has been cursed by the Imam ع '

Firouzabadi in his book 'al-Qamoos' v 1, pg 366

Allamah Majlisi commented on Firouzabadi's statement in 'Bihar al Anwar' v 64, pg 203

'The descendants of 'Mughayra bin Saeed are also known as Batri's'

Shaykh Mohammed Taqi Tustari in his book 'Qamoos al Rijaal' , v 10, pg 193, states :

'The Batris later on got mixed within the Shia community'


Beginning of Batrism

Sadeer reports, “I went to Abu Jafar, Imam al-Baqer ع and with me were Salamah Ibn Kohail, Abu al-Miqdaam Thaabit al-Haddaad, Saalem Ibn Abi Hafsah, Katheer al-Nawwaa and a group of them and with Abu Jafar (peace be upon him) was his brother Zaid ibne Ali. They said to Abu Jafar ع , “We love Ali, Hasan and Husain and we express our enmity with their enemies.” Imam (peace be upon him) said, “Yes”

They said: “We also love so and so and hate their enemies”

At this, Zaid ibne Ali turned to them and said: “Are you expressing hatred towards Fatema (peace be upon him)? You have cut off our affair (Imamate)! May Allah cut you!” From that day, they were called as ‘al-Batriyyah’.


Rijaal al-Kashi, pg 236
Man La Yahzoruhual-Faqih, v 4, pg 544
Bihar al-Anwar, v 37, pg 31


The Batriyyah Phenomenon

Ayatullah Shaykh Mohammed Sanad in his book 'al-Ghulu wa Firaq al Bateniyah' in chapter : 'Continuation of the Batriyyah Phenomenon overtime' , pg 385, states :

'The phenomenon of the Batriyyah is a phenomenon composed of compromise and picking and choosing to attract to others. This phenomenon has repeated itself overtime and it has certain idealogies and methodologies which mixes the school of Ahlulbayth ع with other schools and try to avoid Disassociation (TABARRAH) and Rejection of other schools which are against the Ahlulbayth ع is their aim. This phenomenon has repeated itself like the phenomenon of Muqassireen and deviation. In the present time, it shows itself under the banner of Islamic Unity and bringing the schools of thought together'


Batris and Imam Mahdi ع

Abu al-Jaarood has narrated in a lengthy tradition that Imam Abu Jafar (al-Baqer) ع said :

“When the Qaim ع rises, he will travel to Kufah where tens of thousands people will come out (against) him; they will be called as Batris. They will be well-armed and will say (to him), ‘Return from where you have come because we don’t need the sons of Fatemah (sa)’. He ع will put them to sword till he reaches to the last of them. Thereafter, he will enter Kufah and kill in it every hypocrite, skeptic; destroy its palaces and kill its fighters till Allah – Mighty and High be He – is satisfied”


Kitab al-Irshad, v 2, pg 384
E’laam al-Waraa, pg 461
Kashf al-Ghummah, v 2, pg 465
Bihar al-Anwar, v 52, pg 338, h 81


Batris in the Last Era

Imam Saduq ع said :

'And He (Imam Mahdi ع) will go to Kufa, then 16,000 Batriyyah will emerge armed with weapons, they will recite Quran and will be the Jurists of the religion, their foreheads will have signs of worship, but they are filled with hypocrisy

They will say : 'Oh ! Son of Fatima (sa) return. We do not need you'

Dalail al Imamah, pg 455-456
Al Ghayba of Noumani, pg 218
Bihar al-Anwar, v 52, pg 389

Imam Sadiq ع said regarding these Batris :

'Do not be tempted by their prayers, fast and knowledge, rather they are alarmed donkeys'

Tafseer e Burhan, pg 207


Batris cause more misguidance than Dajjal

Imam Musa al Kazim ع said :

'Among our friends are such people who are a cause of misguidance for our Shia's more than Dajjal'

When asked about who are these people ?

Imam ع replied : 'They are a cause of misguidance by befriending our enemies and holding enmity with our friends'

Sifaat ush Shia, pg 50, tr 14


Do not pray behind a Batri

Narrated by Ismail al-Jufi : 'I said to Abu Jafar (Imam Baqir ع)'

'There is a man who loves Ameer al Momineen ع but does not Disassociates from his enemies saying : 'I love him (Imam Ali ع) more than those who opposes Him'

Imam ع replied : 'He is a mixer of truth and falsehood and he is an enemy. DO NOT PRAY BEHIND HIM AND DO NOT RESPECT HIM unless you fear for your life'

Tehzeeb al Ahkam, v 3, pg 38
Wasail al Shia, v 8, pg 309
Man la Yahzoruhual-Faqih, v 1, pg 380

Imam Sadiq ع said :

'If Batriyyah make a row as long as from East to the West, Allah will not glorify the religion with them'

'Ikhtiyar Ma'arifat al-Rijaal' , pg 202

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